Frame/Culvert Bridge Training

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Author: Angela Kim

Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2018






Click  here  to  download  the  technical  materials  used  during  the  training  session.


Purpose of the Training
The reinforced concrete structures are one of the most conventional types of bridge structures but culvert/frame structure applications have been rarely handled by MIDAS in the past. The purpose of the second session of the ETS 2015 is to go over modeling, analysis & design of such structures. Details and tips that are rarely addressed in tutorial manuals will be fully addressed.

Featured Topics
The following questions will be addressed during the session.

1. Can you model monolithic frame/culvert structures? & How?
2. How do you model wing walls & walls at an angle?
3. How do you handle arch?
4. How do you reflect soil? How do you apply soil springs?
5. How do you apply loadings for the culvert structures? Can you apply trapezoidal/prismatic loadings?
6. How do you obtain moment frame?
7. Can I design or rate culvert structures?

Who Should Attend
- midas Civil users interested in learning about how to model, analyze, & design check RC frame or culvert bridges.
- midas Civil users interested in learning about how to maximize the benefit from using midas Civil for for reinforced concrete structures.

Benefits of this Webinar

The RC Frame and Culvert bridge modeling can be done very quickly using the RC Frame/Culvert Bridge Wizards. Modeling including setting up not just the physical model but also the loadings and boundary condition reflecting the surrounding soil conditions can be done using the wizard.
Monolithic modeling and analysis of the culvert structures are not very feasible or easy in other FEA programs. Especially for reviewing the results, midas Civil can draw moment diagram for the plate elements. Maximize the benefit of using midas Civil by expanding the application type to the reinforced concrete structures.







Speaker :  Angela Kim

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-07-30



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