Webcast: Numerical Analysis of Tunnels in Anisotropic Rock Mass Formations

Geotechnical Analysis , 3D FEM , Rock Mass .

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Author: Francesca Brambilla

Publish Date: 30 Jun, 2022

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In this webcast session, Francesca Brambilla, Geotechnical Engineer at Arup presented their approaches to model rock mass using FEM and DEM, using the pseudo-discontinuous method to model the rock mass domain and the in-situ anisotropic stress state, as well as model the support systems and the excavation sequence. For all North American engineers, you can also join our next sessions by signing up here www.midasoft.com/midas-expert-network.



  • Rock Mass Modeling
    FEM vs. DEM: from continuous to “pseudo-discontinuous” modeling
    Calibration of material parameters
  • Pseudo-Discontinuous Modeling of the Project
    Modeling of the rock mass domain
    Modeling of the in-situ anisotropic stress state
    Modeling of the support systems
    Excavation sequence
  • Model Results and Conclusions

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