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June 22, 2022

Webcast: Metro Transfer Station Design Considering Complex Geological Conditions

MIDAS Webcast

In this webcast session, Pavlína Sehnalová, Geotechnical Engineer at METROPROJEKT introduces the initial static design and modeling procedure regarding unfavorable geotechnical conditions. Finally, she shares a brief overview of the current design and construction work on metro line D is given. For all North American engineers, you can also join our next sessions by signing up here www.midasoft.com/midas-expert-network.



  • Sensitivity analysis of available finite elements in Midas GTS NX
    Summary of finite elements
    Sensitivity Analysis
    Meshing Recommendations
  • Introduction of the metro station Pankrac, line D
    Introduction of Metro Station Pankrac, Line D
    Geotechnical Conditions
  • Numerical modeling of the station in the initial design
    Modeling Procedure and Analysis


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