Expert Tips: Speed Up Pre-and-Post-Processing of Analysis

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Author: Seth Greenberg

Publish Date: 15 Oct, 2020

Our Midas Civil software is versatile and very compatible with other software and Excel. This feature really useful to help engineers work faster on their project. Our Expert Engineer Seth Greenberg from Jacobs shared his tips to work faster with Midas Civil. 


Anything that MIDAS presents in tabular format can be copied to and from excel. This can speed up pre-and-post-processing of analysis. For inputs that are not in tabular format, you can use the MCT command shell to generate new inputs quickly. Commands can also be generated using Excel macros.







*For more information on how to use MCT Command Shell, you can visit here.





About Our Expert Engineer:


Portrait1_-_Seth_Greenberg-removebg-previewSeth Greenberg, P.E. is a Structural Engineer at Jacobs (New York, NY) with experience in steel and concrete bridge design, advanced 3D structural analysis, on-site inspections, and design-build projects both in the United States and abroad. He is very detail-oriented structural engineer with more than eight years experience in engineering field and really passionate to enhance the quality of the transportation networks. Throughout his career he has handled many projects including designed bridges and other transportation structures for various transportation agencies. Workload included new bridges as well as modifications and repairs to existing ones. Inspected highway bridges to assess current condition and determine scope of repairs. Composed condition reports to explain inspections findings and propose necessary repairs and cost estimates. Reviewed shop drawings, specifications, and other documents used by contractors and vendors to execute projects designed by the firm.


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