Midas Civil  2020 v. 3.1 Release

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Midas Civil 2020 Release

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 11 Jun, 2020

MIDAS is announcing the enhancements to the latest release of Midas Civil 2020 v. 3.1 for structural engineering with an emphasis on modeling, analysis, and design for transportation bridges.


The new release of Midas Civil 2020 includes highly anticipated updates to the design code, geometric nonlinear effects of plate elements, and orthogonal effects of seismic loads. These updates allow for safer performance checks and an increase in accuracy for finite element reactions on extreme events. 


Midas Civil's new version 3.1 now offers with collaboration from:

  1. AASHTO LRFD 2018 code update the design standard for PSC Box, PSC Composite, RC, Steel Composite sections. Along with the updated standards, the Load factors of extreme event and fatigue are now generated automatically. These updates were completed as per the request of 232 Midas Civil user companies and 3,0000 bridge engineers who are actively maintaining their Midas Civil software license. Special thanks to our Expert Influencers: Sungki Choi (Jacobs, CO), Vincent Nganga (Jacobs, MO), and Suthichai Saelim (HDR, MA), for the peer review of the updates.
  2. Geometry Nonlinear Construction Stage Analysis with Plate Elements has been upgraded to now consider within the Construction Stage Analysis control data. The option for 'Initial Displacement for C.S.' has been added upon the request and support of CY Yong (Michael Baker International, KY) and Matt C., Luke T., Ayed Y., Mark F., Quentin M., Javier C., and Jonathan A. (Arup, CA & NY)
  3. Orthogonal Effect of Seismic Load: AASHTO LRFD can be included in the auto-generation of load combination to AASHTO LRFD 2016 & 2017. The seismic load combination was completed upon the request of multiple users in California.

Besides the features, there are new development items in terms of the licensing environment:

  1. Web License Disconnection Error Resolution - The new 'Heartbeat Server' will resolve the abnormal termination (lagged connection) for users utilizing the web-authentication licenses. The new server will release abnormally terminated license sessions within 10 minutes of going offline, fixing the disconnection issues.
  2. Keyless Licensing - The 'Period Lock Type' allows standalone license users access without the use of the physical USB dongle key. Eliminating the need to move the key and potential replacement costs. Please reach our team if you want to switch your licensing type at grow@midasoft.com.
  3. Upgraded User Management - The new log features allows for faster and more accurate license tracking for web licenses on the MyLicense site. Log in with the user ID and PW to view the logs.



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Find step by step instructions on the installation can be found from the Installation & Troubleshooting Guide Manual (PDF)Please note this new version with updated functionalities and bug fixes are available to the customers with actively maintained perpetual licenses and active lease licenses only. 


Thank you for those who have brought these issues to light and providing valuable feedback. Please feel free to share any additional concerns or situations so that we can look out for additional solutions from our end.

Midas Civil is a state of art structural engineering software that sets a new standard for bridge and civil structures. Engineers can effectively visualize and simulate complex structures with the distinct user-friendly interface that is the best in the market for setting up the project model, analysis, and design. With the unique steps built into Midas Civil, new users can expect a significant improvement to inefficient models and accuracy.

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