Midas Gen: Steel Plant Structure Analysis and Design

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Author: Angel Francisco Martinez

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021







Steel Plant Structure Model




This Tutorial presents an efficient method of modeling and analyzing a plant structure. It will cover basic functions required to analyze and design steel sections. In addition, it will show the interface with midas Design +, a design tool that allows the import of the results from the analysis in midas Gen in order to find optimal section as well as output detailed CAD drawings.



Presentation Slides







Design+ Usage Example



Key Points

Material and section properties definition
Structure modeling using nodes and elements
Structure Support conditions
Load data input (Dead, Live, Wind, Seismic)
Structural analysis case set up
Verify and interpret analysis results
Export to Design + for optimal design.







Speaker :  Angel Francisco Martinez

Category : Building

Software : midas Gen

Date : 2017-02-23



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