Your network is your net worth







Why networking?


Having the right connections goes a long way for new business opportunities and establishing careers. Expand your circle of influence with MIDAS Expert Network by connecting with DOTS, Ministries, Contractors, and High-Profile Consulting Firms. MIDAS Expert Network provides you the right connection. Building connection with practice engineers helps to have a good position when it comes to winning the projects. 




What can I expect?


Through MIDAS Expert Network you will have more chances to win projects by receiving:

  • Local & personalized technical guidance and training from local MIDAS Experts 
  • Connections with local and national consultants, DOTs and Ministries




What are others doing?


Networking with MIDAS Expert Network has been helping a lot of engineers including Department of Transportations(DOT) and Ministry of Transportations(MTO) with their projects. We connected DOT and MTO with our expert influencers, below is an example:

  • Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) requested technical support and got connected with our Expert Influencer, Mark Torrie from Associated Engineering 




These are few examples of collaboration:



The MIDAS Expert Influencer was very helpful in resolving many modeling issues on several bridge evaluation projects. Their responses were quick, clear and helpful. Thank you for the help.

Sergiy Morozevych, P.Eng.   l  Sr. Structural Engineer at Ministry of Transportation Ontario







The MIDASoft network gives me and Associated Engineering a unique opportunity to connect with not only fellow consultants but also clients that may not be possible in other settings. I find it very rewards to work through troubleshooting any issues they may have and helping them find the answers that they need.

Mark Torrie, P.Eng, M.Eng    l Manager, MTO Group at Associated Engineering








Being connected to an expert user of MIDAS FEA, like Daniel [Mariscal], has given me more confidence to start learning this new program. Especially since Daniel is also part of the same company[, AECOM], it will make it a lot easier for us to communicate. It also gives me comfort to know that I will be able to learn and use the correct modeling processes and methods, which will give me more confidence in the results of the models. If I didn’t have a connection like Daniel, I would be limited to learning the program by using the learning page in Midas or by using youtube tutorials, because there are no other engineers in my office that use this tool. Any troubleshooting would have to be done by contacting the MIDAS support team, which is very helpful, but it would take longer to resolve, especially for smaller issues. In the end, I would not feel as comfortable with my knowledge or use of the program overall.

Jaime Cohen  l EIT at Bridge Department, AECOM






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