Geo-Technical analysis System New eXperience

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Next Generation Framework



Integrated solver optimized for 64 bit platforms


The restriction on output file size was removed and therefore, handling a large model is no longer a problem in practice. Due to less memory usage and improvement in selection/addition/deletion processing performance, even a 3D modeling can be processed swiftly and easily.

Shifting to 64bits mass storage PC operating system, which provides a multi-tasking environment, has accelerated rapidly. To keep pace with the rapid changes, a new framework that perfectly supports 64bits system has been developed. Offers a new graphics engine which is optimized even for large models.






Minimize movement. Maximize efficiency


GTS NX organizes tools and functions in an logic and convenient way to provide a friendly working environment. Ribbon menu, work tree, context menu, multi-window... these design details will make your real life work much easier.With the aid of guiding figures, even a first-time user can easily understand the functions, options and how to use.