CHBDC CSA S6-14 Steel Composite Bridge Design

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 15 Feb, 2019

This tutorial will be helpful for the engineers who want to learn about how to utilize midas Civil's design code checking feature as per CHBDC CSA S6-14. This tutorial manual and model files help engineers learn the key concepts of design checking and experience step-by-step process.  

This tutorial demonstrates the key concepts and step-by-step process for design code checking a curved steel plate girder bridge as per CHBDC CSA S6-14. See below for overview information, detailed PDF guide, and midas Civil model files. 



Download Manual    Download model files


For a broader overview of the CHBDC CSA S6-14 code checking, see the midas Civil CHBDC CSA design guide manual.

Download Manual 


See below for an overview of the tutorial. 







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