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Angela Kim
September 09, 2019

Cloud -based Model Library | New Substructure Wizard Beta Test Part 2

Have you ever imagined having a public library of midas Civil models from all midas Civil users around the world? What if you can pull out numerous references and samples for the type of structures you want to build?


This week, let’s evaluate the idea of having a cloud-server library of midas Civil models. (We do not have a step-by-step tutorial exercise this week. You can just share your opinion.)


We are planning to build a cloud-based library of midas CIM models that is open for all user to either download or upload model files. (Of course, your model data and information is safe and not disclosed if you do not upload them.) MIDAS will also build and upload the smart template models upon request. Refer to the 7-page PDF document and concept images for more details.


Check Details (PDF)



A few questions you might want to answer for the feedback are such as:

  1. Do you think the model library will be beneficial for you? If yes or no, why?
  2. What type of library do you want to see most for substructure or foundation modeling? (We are also determining what models to prioritize and upload first.) Feel free to share specific types or your state’s standards. For state standards or references, please share a link to the documents.
  3. Will you be willing to upload some of the model files you have? (You will be credited and able to track the number of downloads.)