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Create Parametric
midas CIM

Preliminary Design / Analysis & Design / Construction Drawing / Simulation

BrIM solution that utilizes a 3D informational model throughout the project to optimize processes and increase work efficiency

Unique Parametric Modeling

The environment where people from all disciplines can communicate.
Predict issus ahead and make correct decisions to optimize the process to manage your construction project.

Unique Parametric Modeling

Bridge specialized parametric modeler for any type of structure. Create integrated model throughout the whole process from preliminary design, analysis, drafting, and quantity takeoff.


Assign alignment with the intuitive civil engineering process. Model along the alignment of the road for bridge and tunnel structure.

Parametric Template

Utilized built-in midas CIM element library for bridge modeling Elements follow the alignment and extend and adjust the shape.

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All engineering process through a CIM model

CIM creates an engineering process and environment that makes effective communication among all discipline involved in the project with one CIM model.


Step 1

Preliminary Designing with 3D Structure mode


Step 2

Optimized design through various comparison


Step 3

Drawing and bill of materials generation

Generation of the section, structural detail, the material chart from the model, and dynamically linked to reflect changes


Output 1

Finite element analysis model for structural check

Convert midas CIM's BrIM model to midas Civil's FEA model from geometry to detailed information like boundary condition, links, and tendon.


Output 2

Accurate cost estimation from a 3D model

3D Bridge Information model contains all required materials for the construction. The cost of material can be estimated accurately and can be utilized for construction management.

Create all deliverables with one CIM model

The industry is rapidly adopting the BrIM process. Create all required deliverables with one CIM model without doing double work. Creating a CIM model will give you an analytic model, 2D drawings, and quantity take-off.

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