Steel Composite I Girder Bridge Introduction

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Author: Angela Kim

Publish Date: 9 Nov, 2018



 Purpose of the Training
- One-step modeling and modification using the Steel Composite Girder Wizard
- How to review tabular and graphical data for the 10th point bending moment and shear results
- How to define input parameters for design and load rating
- How to extract analysis, design & load rating output
- How to generate automatic output report in MS Excel and MS Word format


Download the Training Materials

Design Tutorial Manual (click here) Model files (click here)

Load Rating Tutorial Manual (click here) Model file (click here)

Other Example Model files (click here)
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The purpose of this online training is to provide a walk-through of the step by step process of modeling, analysis, design & load rating for steel composite I-girder bridge structures. Details and tips that are rarely addressed in tutorial manuals will be fully addressed.

Who Should Attend
- midas Civil users interested in learning about how to model, analyze, design check and perform load rating for steel composite I-girder structures
- midas Civil users interested in learning about how to maximize the benefit from using midas Civil for steel composite bridge projects

Benefits of this Webinar
The Steel Composite Bridge Wizard is a powerful tool that can be used to not only complete modeling for any type and geometric conditions of steel composite type bridges, but also to modify the model. How to quickly model and modify using the Steel Composite Bridge wizard will be demonstrated. Furthermore, midas Civil is not only an analysis tool, but also a design and load rating tool. Using midas Civil for any steel composite design and rating projects can be cost and time effective since engineers do not need to use multiple programs for different parts of bridge engineering (i.e. using different programs for super structure analysis and design, using different programs for substructure and superstructure design, etc.)









Speaker :  Angela Kim

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-07-15



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