Midas GTS NX: Slope failure due to void creation in highly expansive alluvial soil

Research Paper , Void Creation , Alluvial , Highly Expansive , Shrinkage , Analysis of Finite Element Methode , Soil , Safety Factor , Long Drought Season , midas GTS NX , 2D Analysis .

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021

Chaidir Anwar Makarim, Tarumanagara University

Dicky Junaidi, Tarumanagara University

Gopta Pratama, PT Geoforensik


"Abstract :
An investigation result of extensive sudden damage of construction built on expansive soil in some part of West Surabaya, Indonesia in year 2003 had strongly indicated that it was triggered by the global extreme weather changes. The presence of long drought season, known as El Nino in 2003 bring some consequences on slope stability problem in highly expansive-alluvial type of soil in West Surabaya. Void creation due to shrinkage is well known in expansive soil. This paper examine the influence of void creation in slope stability problem in 2D/ 3D using MIDAS-GTS Finite Element modeling. Vertical and Lateral shrinkage as well as void location influencing factor of safety of the slope is discussed in an elaborated manner."


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