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Angel Francisco Martinez
December 27, 2022

Midas GTS NX: 3D Excavation and Piled-Raft Foundation



List of Excavation Design Considerations

This tutorial identifies the soil–structure interaction by analyzing construction stage of 3D retaining wall excavation and a piled foundation. It is possible to review in detail the stress distributions on cross-sections, which is not possible in 2D models. Also, interface is added between ground and retaining wall to simulate the ground-structure interaction more


realistically. The evaluation of the soil-structure behavior is done by using pile elements, not by simple beam elements. Also, pile elements are perfect for evaluating the soil-structure behavior because it can consider the influence of interface between pile and adjacent ground.


Soil Structure 3D Modelling


Key Points

Modeling geometry in 2D and 3D
Defining of materials and properties
Mesh Generation of 3D soil, 2D walls and 1D pile elements
Application of interface elements to wall and piles
Set up of Construction stages
Inspection of soil structure interaction results



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Speaker :  Angel Francisco Martinez

Category : Geotechnical

Software : midas GTS NX

Date : 2017-02-21




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