BrIM: Can drafting improve with BrIM?

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021


  Drafting is an important communication method for the bridge industry and takes a large part of the deliverable. However, there are limitations to visualization such as clash check purposes. The 3D BrIM model can provide better visualization to understand the structure. At the same time, the industry still requires traditional 2D drawings. How does the BrIM process relate to 2D Drawing? The BrIM model is a 3D model with information. Therefore, You have all the information you need to create a 2D drawing from the model.




     When creating a 3D BrIM model, One takes a basic drafting process that is similar to drafting 2D drawing. Thus, You can recreate 2D drawings from the completed model. You can designate the view such as section cut, top, or side of the structure and produce a necessary drawing. The BrIM software with drawing generation capability let the user to automatically generate the drawing. The annotation and structure detailing style will also be automated to help save time. In some countries, this automation process to expedite the drafting process by generating drawing out of the analytic model.



  The BrIM model contains important information such as material property, rebar type, bolt, and tendon. Various information embedded within the model helps users generate additional output for the deliverable. For example, a 3D model with rebars placed can generate a rebar schedule with the correct dimension and rebar type that can be used for construction. Also, Tendon created using a modeling wizard can generate a tendon chart. A Bill of materials containing bolt and material information can be generated for correct estimation.


Dynamic Update

   One of the biggest benefits of using the 3D model for drawing generation is a dynamic update. It is common to have design change or correction during the project. However, simple alignment change can make previously generated drawings unusable. However, if the drawing is generated from the model. It is much easier to regenerate the drawing from the changed model. With dynamic update feature built into BrIM software, It is much easier to adjust to design changes.

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