BrIM: How does BrIM help with cost estimation?

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021


Cost estimation is one of the most critical aspects of the bridge project. It is important because the project is highly dependable on the budget. Simultaneously, it takes great effort to obtain an accurate bill of materials or cost estimation as design progress. More often than not, many projects exceed the original budget as the project progresses. Bridge information modeling contains all the structure information as the word implies and can help obtain accurate cost estimation. It can also help reduce the risk of exceeding the budget by quickly adapting to the changes in the construction field.




In the early stage of the project, structural engineers develop several design plans based on the information given to them. Engineers need to quickly generate the cost estimation of the design to assist with the decision-making process. It is one of the most beneficial phases of the project, where BrIM can be used. If Engineers develop the 3D model using BrIM, one will use the element with information. The elements are built-in with material types, property, cost information. The final model can automatically generate the quantity of each type of element used in the whole structure and estimate the cost associated with it. Engineers do not have to go through a rigorous process of calculating the bill of material, whether rebars or bolts.


Many BrIM models are generated with parametric modeling, which means it can quickly adapt to the change. Finding optimized design within budget takes many repetitive design trials. You can easily change the alignment using parametric modeling or replace elements with different elements to be applied throughout the structure. It allows easier comparison of different design options for the budget.




3D BrIM model can expand to other cost estimation related work like construction schedule. The project manager can visually control the project by assigning each portion of the project using a fully developed BrIM model. The actual construction progress can be compared with the simulated BrIM model to track the schedule and release budget by staged completion.


Bridge information modeling can provide an effective solution to manage the project within the budget and finding optimized design.

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