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Main Features

The main reason we use CAD is for efficiency.
A better CAD should provide greater efficiency.
Reasons to choose MIDAS CAD! Check it out now.

Reliable CAD

MIDAS CAD Standard

Light Installation, Perfect Compatibility

MIDAS CAD is a lightweight installation file, less than 610MB, making it easy and quick to install. It can load previous versions of DWG and DXF files, so there's no need to downgrade when exchanging files with different versions. Even files with maps or raster images exceeding 100MB can be loaded quickly, minimizing loading time delays during work.

Familiar Environment, Familiar Commands

The interface of MIDAS CAD is designed in a classic mode workspace that is familiar to CAD users, making it easy to use. Commands and shortcuts are provided in the same format as those used in previous CAD software, so learning new ones is unnecessary. You can also easily customize the default settings with the commands and interface you already know.

Basic 2D Drafting Functions Included

Functions such as LINE, FILLET, TRIM, OFFSET, XREF, CIRCLE, COPY, PLOT, HATCH, and more are included, allowing you to import and modify DWG drawings from other CAD software. Utilize the advantages of MIDAS CAD to create drawings quickly and easily without additional training.

Perfect Font Compatibility

When opening files sent by collaborating partners, font files may be missing, resulting in question marks or unreadable characters. MIDAS CAD automatically converts font files to alternative fonts when unavailable, ensuring no font display issues when loading files and making your work more convenient.

CAD with LISP/API Compatibility


One-Click Batch Printing

With MIDAS CAD Premium, you can perform batch printing without repetitive tasks or the need for third-party programs every time you print your work. Using basic functions, you can print or convert multiple PDFs, grouped PDFs, or multiple DWG files at once.

Convenient User Drawing Library

Frequently used drawings or DWG files can be stored in the WorkTree, making it easy and quick to retrieve them using Drag & Drop. Store and access not only CAD sources used within your office but also reference drawings with ease.

Customized User Lines for Complex Patterns

Customize line types of frequently used pattern types according to your preferences. Whether it's lines with hatches or complex lines that need to be evenly spaced, you can store them in the MIDAS CAD WorkTree and quickly retrieve them using drag-and-drop. This allows for accurate and fast drawing without editing processes like FILLET, OFFSET, etc., to match the designer’s requirements.

LISP, API Compatibility, and Built-In Convenience Functions

You can import your existing LISP files and use them directly in MIDAS CAD without modification. Additionally, MIDAS CAD offers convenient, frequently used functions as standard features. * Lisp & Visual Lisp Compatibility

Optimized CAD for Korean Architectural Practice


Draw Without Excel

  • Real-time Review of Coverage and Volume Rate
    • MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN allows you to complete area, total, and design summaries while drawing directly without needing Excel or a calculator. When the plan changes, the details in the summary update in real-time, eliminating the need for quick review and modification in scale verification.
  • Automatic Calculation of Required Parking Spaces, Planting Quantities, etc.
    • Based on the principle of recognizing the number of blocks, MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN automatically calculates required parking spaces, planting quantities, and other planning variables, helping designers make design decisions.

Automatic Generation of Area Schedules

MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN automatically generates design summaries, room area tables, and structural schedules, matching your preferred styles. These tables are automatically updated when your floor plan changes. You can easily modify table styles and settings to match your office's requirements. All related information updates automatically when you make changes, saving you time.

Access Frequently Used Blocks Without Commands

  • Drawing quality and completeness have significantly improved for doors, windows, stairs, architectural finishes, and other architectural-specific elements.
    • We erect walls. We attach finishes. No need for countless line editing tasks like TRIM, OFFSET, FILLET, MA, and more. Ceiling grids, architectural finishes, and other elements are stored in the worktree for easy retrieval. Bring them back when needed with a quick Drag & Drop. Once you've set up the styles used in our office, you can retrieve them swiftly and seamlessly whenever required.

Optimized for Practical Use and Expandability

MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN includes approximately 300 architectural design templates optimized for practical use. You can customize these templates to match your office's standards. The provided templates can be retrieved directly from the library, and if there are additional templates you'd like, you can request them for MIDAS CAD development.

No Need to Redraw Existing Drawings

  • Rapid creation of various plans through base map referencing
    • You can now easily create various plans by referencing a base map.
    • When your floor plan changes, plan drawings automatically update.
    • You can edit layers and scales separately, making the process even simpler.
  • Expertise in completing energy-saving plans in just 3 hours
    • Now, you can create energy-saving plans with MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN without outsourcing.
    • You can check and modify insulation areas, quantities, plan views, and cross-sections in real time without using Excel or a calculator.
    • Create energy balance sheets and supplementary documents easily.

Integrated Base Map and Internal Reference

MIDAS CAD ARCHI-DESIGN includes an "Internal Reference" feature that allows you to reference drawings you've created in the past. You can use these reference drawings without copying and pasting. All drawings referenced to a single file are dynamically linked and automatically updated when the original changes.

Easily Manage Deliverable Documents

With the click of a button, you can quickly generate a drawing list table automatically linked to sheet numbers, names, and accumulations, making it easy to create drawings for delivery. You can save the sheets you've created in DWG format, eliminating the need for complicated tasks when delivering drawings, so you no longer have to worry about site administrative work.

CAD in Collaboration with CIM Programs


Automatic Drawing Generation through 3D Model Integration.

MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN can generate drawings by integrating with MIDAS CIM's 3D model. It creates cross-sections from the 3D model and generates drawings at those locations in MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN. It can produce plan views along linear centerlines, cross-sectional views based on the cutting areas of the 3D model, and contour maps. Furthermore, it can produce drawings for civil structures, topography, and geological lines. Moreover, it seamlessly utilizes information from MIDAS CIM's 3D model, such as component data, cross-sectional information, and material information, to automatically generate material schedules without missing information.

Adapting to Design Changes through 3D Model Integration.

Through integration with MIDAS CIM's 3D model, MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN can immediately respond to design changes and enable 3D model reviews through drawings. During the design process, a significant amount of effort and time is often dedicated to the task of editing drawings due to design changes, just as much as in the actual modeling time. With the ability to incorporate design changes into the 3D model based on modifications identified through 2D CAD, a simple update can instantly reflect the design changes in the drawings. This applies to drawings and extends to reinforcement material schedules, ensuring immediate response to design changes.

2D drawings reflecting the 3D dimension.

In design, the time spent analyzing and understanding design drawings is essential and cannot be ignored. MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN integrates with 3D models to enable the creation of Iso view drawings for effective communication of design information. Users can intuitively grasp the 3D shape through Iso view drawings, significantly reducing the time required to comprehend structures through 2D drawings. Furthermore, with the 3D dimensioning function, it is possible to indicate lengths at desired positions within the 3D shape and generate drawings with coordinate points, not just dimensions on the plane.

3D View Rebar Schedules

MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN allows you to select specific components in a 3D view and generate individual rebar schedules for each component. This makes it possible to understand complex drawings with overlapping components more intuitively, providing comprehensive information about the component's location, shape, and quantity all at once. 3D view rebar schedules enhance the quality of communication from design to construction sites, offering improved clarity for effective communication.

3D PDF Generation

MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN provides a 3D PDF generation feature, allowing you to encapsulate the 3D model into a PDF file through standard printing functions. When utilizing the generated PDF drawings, you can view the 3D model shape using a PDF viewer, eliminating the need for a BIM tool. This enables smooth communication with stakeholders who do not use BIM tools. Elevate the quality of deliverables with MIDAS CAD INFRA-DESIGN's 3D PDF generation feature.