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Midas Top Expert Engineer

Zac Taylor P.E.

Structural Engineer at Kimley-Horn
(Salt Lake City, UT)


About Zac Taylor

He is a performance-driven structural engineer with years of professional experience. He has worked for Michael Baker International, J-U-B Engineers, and is currently working at Kimley-Horn. He is skilled in structural engineering and has worked on many projects to manage concept, layout, design, detailing specifications, and construction documents for many structural and roadway projects.



Professional Projects

Expert Tips : Composite Bridge Modeling Tips
How to Model the Girder and Deck Connection in Composite Bridge?  

The way to simulate the connection between the girder and the deck will depend on how we construct the model. In the 2D all-frame composite bridge model shown in figure 1, all the elements are connected in the grid within the same plane. Because it was modeled with "all frame" model type in midas Civil composite bridge wizard, it only consists of a 2-D grid frame composed of beam elements. In this scenario, the software considers the composite section as a lump section that incorporates both the girder section and the deck section. This means that the composite action is transformed into equivalent section properties in midas Civil. 

Workshop : How to Model Using the Composite Concrete Wizard

In this Midas Workshop Session, our Expert Engineer Zac Taylor from Kimley-Horn shared his knowledge about the composite concrete wizard and demonstrated how to use it in order to build a bridge model.  

Webinar : Tips for Managing Data for Bridge Analysis Results

How do you navigate through the bridge analysis data to help you report your output? How do you document the output clearly so that your analysis is easy to be reviewed? How do you identify the data you need to complete your design or analysis? In this webinar, Zac Taylor P.E., structural engineer from Kimley-Horn, will be giving out some tips for managing data from analysis results. He will show you his way of organizing data from midas Civil output and interpret the analysis output efficiently.

Expert Tips : Post-Tensioned Straddle Bents

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Zac Taylor from Kimley-Horn helped answer the questions from our users about the Post-tensioned Straddle Bents.

Expert Q&A : Modeling Technique In MIDAS Civil

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Zac Taylor from Kimley-Horn helped answer the questions from our users about the Modeling Technique in Midas Civil.

Webinar : Tools For Efficient Modeling Of Bridges With Unique Geometries

Finite element software is an effective tool for modeling and analyzing structures that are complex and difficult to analyze using conventional methods. One concern that arises is the additional strain this can put on budgets and schedules. MIDAS has developed several wizards to streamline the modeling process for a wide variety of complex structures. However, some projects have geometries that cannot be fully defined using a wizard alone. MIDAS has many tools available that can be used to supplement the wizards to achieve accurate results in a timely manner.

Webinar: Analysis of I-10 Sunset to River Rd – UPRR Bridge using midas Civil

In this webinar session, our MIDAS Expert Engineer Zac Taylor P.E. and Charlie Golek from Kimley-Horn shared their experience and insights using midas Civil for the analysis of the I-10 Sunset to River Rd – UPRR Bridge project. 


Workshop: Application of Boundary Conditions

In this workshop session, our Top Expert Engineer Zac Taylor, a Structural Engineer at Kimley-Horn presented on the application of boundary conditions using midas Civil

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