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Midas Expert Engineer

Tom Less PE, SE

Bridge Engineer / Senior Associate at Woolpert
(Columbus, OH)



About Tom Less

He is a Structural Bridge Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the civil engineering industry. He has a robust professional experience; currently leading a team of 13 staff engineers and designers in the transportation field (bridges, traffic, construction admin), with a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) focused in Structural Engineering from The Ohio State University.



Professional Projects

Expert Workshop : Modeling of Composite Steel Bridges

In this Midas Workshop Session, our Expert Engineer Tom Less from Woolpert shared his knowledge about the Modeling of Composite Steel Bridges. 

Expert Tips : Nodes and Elements

There are so many ways to help you save your time when you are working on your bridge project. One of the easy tips is renumbering of the nodes and elements. 

Webinar : FEA Model Comparison & Staged Analysis For Curved Girder Bridges

Performing analysis on complex bridges, such as curved or flared structures, is a difficult task given the approximations and assumptions inherent in any modeling approach. Whether to use grillage analyses which run relatively quickly but are limited in their ability to model three dimensional effects or a full plate model to fully capture these effects but at added run times and model complexity is a challenge. 

Webinar : Load Rating of Curved and Complex Geometry Composite Steel Bridges

Generally a load rating is the bridge's ability to carry the live load for design and allowable legal vehicles, overloads, and determine weight postings. But how to perform the load rating of Curved and Complex Geometry Composite Steel Bridges in Midas Civil? Tom Less will expand the knowledge of Two-Dimensional/Grillage Modeling and Three-Dimensional Modeling and show how he sets up the inputs like rating design code, rating parameters, unbraced length, fatigue parameter, etc., for bridge rating design. 

Webinar: Analysis of Crash Loading for Distribution of Forces in the Deck

In this workshop, MIDAS Expert Tom Less PE, SE, Bridge Engineer / Senior Associate at Woolpert presented on the Parapet Crash Loading Analysis in midas Civil.

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