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Midas Bridge Seminar:

Irregular Bridges & Load Rating

(PDH Certificate)

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET





During the session, Dr. Ahmed Rageh will present on Analyses and Bearing Replacement of A Post-Tensioned Segmental Concrete Box Bridge. Dr. Rageh will cover modeling post-tension cables profile and forces, considering span-by-span analyses via Midas construction stages, and considering Time-dependent effects such as creep and shrinkage. He will also be defining temperature gradient and wind effect and checking stresses.

Continuing with the seminar, Dr. Zhiyong Liang Finite will present Element Analysis of Movable Bridges and Truss Bridges, where he will explain situations where finite element analysis is required or beneficial for complex and unique bridge analysis considerations for modeling movable bridges. Dr. Liang will also compare the movable bridge's finite element results to AASHTO codes and field measurements using strain gauges and provide examples of modeling truss bridges, including small pony truss and major truss bridges, and the tools and tricks used for fast modeling and accurate analysis. Lastly, he will demonstrate situations in that finite element analysis that may be preferred in the load rating of truss bridges.

Engineers will be able to follow along throughout the entire session. At the end of this session, engineers will also have the opportunity to ask questions, whether it be about the process or the software itself.

We will offer PDH certification for this course for engineers who attend the full session. This webinar is only available for North American engineers. 


Dr. Ahmed Rageh - Senior Structural / Bridge Engineer at SDR Engineering Consultants Inc

Ahmed R

Dr. Rageh received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL). He conducted research on bridge structural health monitoring and served eight years in teaching/instructing at Al-Azhar University, Egypt, as well as a structural engineer in designing and consulting firms before joining the UNL. He received two master’s degrees in Civil Engineering (Structures) where; the first one was completed at Al-Azhar University, Egypt 2012, and the second one was achieved at UNL in 2018. Dr. Rageh designed reinforced concrete, steel structures, and bridges in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. He is classified as a grade (A) engineer (the highest grade similar to PE in the US) in Qatar, allowing him to supervise any scale projects there. Some of the bridge work completed in Egypt involved evaluating the structural health of aged riveted steel railway bridges, including analysis, inspection, testing, and retrofitting estimations. Also, some of the bridge design completed involved designing Post-tensioned multi-girder and box-section bridges. Dr. Rageh also has experience in Load rating of steel and concrete bridges and culverts, usually with 3D frame elements or Solid analyses, and coupled Midas Output with coding algorithm to speed up the design and checking process. He's developed detailed Mathcad sheets for design coupled with MIDAS tabulated output forces, structural health monitoring plans for in-service bridges and data processing and cleansing, and even field testing plans for in-service bridges and data processing and cleansing.



Dr. Zhiyong Liang - Vice President at SDR Consultants Inc

Zhiyong (John) Liang

Dr. Liang has over 20 years of experience in bridge inspection, load testing, and research. His experience focuses on bridge design and load rating, condition evaluation of bridge structures using analytical techniques (finite element analysis, virtual reality), and nondestructive testing on steel and prestressed concrete bridges by diagnostic load testing. He has been a group leader and successfully conducted many bridge testing and rehabilitation projects. He has good knowledge of the behavior of different bridge structures and the ability to address problems and develop solutions for them. With a diverse background in both Civil Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Liang is an expert at operating different bridge testing equipment, performing data analysis, and developing software to assist in bridge analysis and data archiving. He has a very strong finite element modeling and data analysis background, with hands-on experience at bridge sites. He is proficient in using engineering software and has a comprehensive knowledge of bridge design and rating codes.






Midas Bridge Seminar: Irregular Bridges & Load Rating

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Online - GoToWebinar




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