Zhiyong (John) Liang


Midas Expert Engineer

Zhiyong Liang

Vice President at SDR Engineering Consultants Inc
(Tallahassee, FL)


About Zhiyong Liang

He has over twenty years of experience in bridge engineering. He has been a project manager and has successfully conducted many bridge load ratings, testing, and rehabilitation projects, including complex truss bridges and cable-stayed bridges. He is also the main designer of several bridge design and analysis software, including Smart Bridge Suite, Smart Bridge Culvert, and COMPSTIL 2 Influence Line Program. He served as the project manager in developing the LADOTD Bridge Design and Evaluation Manual (published in 2014).

Bridge Design and Evaluation Manual (published in 2014). He has a solid background in finite element modeling and data analysis and hands-on experience at bridge sites. He is proficient in using many engineering software and has a comprehensive knowledge of bridge design and rating codes. He has a thorough understanding of different bridge structures' behavior and can address crucial structural problems and develop successful solutions.



Skill & Expertise

#Concrete            #PrestressedConcreteBridge         #Post-TensionedConcreteBridge            #ArchBridge #SteelTrussBridge             #Three-dimensionalFiniteElementModeling               #Steel  

Professional Projects

Webinar : Load Testing, Evaluation, and Load Rating of Movable Bridge

As special as movable bridges are, learning techniques from experts could help you have a broader view and more insight of your project. So we want to invite you to our live webinar with Dr. Liang.

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