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Midas Expert Engineer

Yong Yang P.E.

Bridge Engineer & Principal Structural Engineer at Jacobs
(Chicago, IL)


About Yong Yang

He is an experienced bridge engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience. He has worked for some big engineering organizations like STV, T.Y. Lin & G.H. Li Consultants Shanghai Ltd and currently working as a Principal Structural Engineer at Jacobs. He is skilled in bridge design, bridge construction, pushover analysis, load rating, and bridge analysis.



Skill & Expertise

  #BridgeDesign          #BridgeConstruction           #PushoverAnalysis               #LoadRating             #BridgeAnalysis

Professional Projects

Expert Q&A : Pushover Analysis

With more users asking us questions regarding pushover analysis and its applications in midas Civil, we want to share the answers to some of these common questions to our user community. Hopefully, this would help you understand pushover analysis in midas Civil environment a little more, and we want you to be more confident when using midas Civil to perform seismic design and analysis. We invited one of our Midas experts Yong Yang, principal structural engineer from Jacobs, to share some of his experience regarding those questions.

Expert Tips : Plastic Hinges

Pushover analysis has become an essential tool for the design and analysis of nonlinear bridge structures, and  plastic hinges are used in midas Civil to simulate the non-linear behavior of structural elements. In this session, Yong Yang, principal structural engineer from Jacobs, will be demonstrating how plastic hinges can be set up quickly by the automatic determination of cross-sectional properties and member material through midas Civil's general section design (GSD) module.  

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