Midas Expert Engineer

Yazeed Abuhassan, P.E.

Structural Engineer at Bergmann PC
(Rochester, NY)


About Yazeed Abuhassan

He has Infrastructure structural engineer experience in both structural designs of bridges and dams, with both a bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering, emphasizing structural engineering. He is skilled in bridge design, dams experience, and curved and skewed steel bridges with complex geometries. He has spent a great deal of time trying to understand the engineering behind the results and the analysis performed on such bridges. He has worked on such bridges to perform construction stage analysis, static analysis, and load rating with moving load analysis using girders as frames with eccentric deck plates. He has also worked on different steel bridges (truss bridges, tied-arch bridges, and simple steel haunched bridges.



Professional Projects

Expert Tips : Complex Bridges

A complex bridge is one of the most common engineering projects nowadays. This category of structures includes movable, cable-stayed, segmental concrete, and other bridges with unusual characteristics. These types of structures will require specialized expertise to design and build. One of our Expert Engineers, Yazeed Abuhassan, a Structural Design Engineer from Bergmann PC, shared his tips about designing a complex bridge.

Expert Tips : Warping Stress In MIDAS

In typical engineering practices, engineers are used to having six degrees of freedom (DOFs) for modeling and analysis. However, additional advanced beam elements can include other DOFs to represent the warping of an open thin-walled cross section. Such elements are not commonly available in professional software applications at the present time.

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