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Midas Top Expert Engineer

Yanling Leng

Lead Bridge Engineer at IMEG
(Sioux Falls, SD)


About Yanling Leng

Yanling is an expert in bridge design/load rating, inspection, rehabilitation, and forensic analysis. She has comprehensive knowledge, skills, and experience in the bridge life cycle. Yanling’s work has been informed by her research into bridge safety and maintenance, focusing on the refined safety evaluation of bridge structures. She is a prolific author of peer-reviewed articles and has a passion for teaching and mentoring. She lectures Bridge Aesthetics at the Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, delivers STEM experiences to young children by leading a First Lego Explore League team, and presents STEM lecture series at an elementary school. Yanling is also named a MIDAS Top Expert Engineer. She has received multiple outstanding awards, including ENR’s National Top 20 Under 40 Award in 2023.



Skill & Expertise

#BridgeDesign        #FiniteElementModeling         #MovingLoadAnalysis        #ConstructionStagedAnalysis              #LoadRating          #FoundationDesign       

Professional Projects

Expert Tips : Posting a Bridge? Think about the Alternatives

Bridge load posting – identifying just how much weight a bridge can bear – is a matter of public safety and a way to safeguard vital transportation infrastructure. However, load posting is less straightforward than it may seem. Not posting a bridge can create safety issues for the motoring public, while posting makes transportation more difficult for large, heavy vehicles and the industries that use them. 

Webinar : Refined Analysis for the Optimum Design & Load Rating of Local Bridges

When talking about refined analysis, most engineers might think of using it for complex bridges and bridges that are beyond the range of applicability of the AASHTO LRFD formulas. While many favor a general philosophy of keeping the analyses simple to minimize errors, or to remain true to the accepted, proven engineering practices, it might come at a cost. Dr. Yanling Leng, lead bridge engineer from IMEG, will talk about why and how she has conducted refined analyses for the optimum design & load rating of normal local bridges

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