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Midas Expert Engineer

Seth Greenberg

Structural Engineer at Jacobs
(New York, NY)


About Seth Greenberg, Structural Engineer at Jacobs

He is a Structural Engineer at Jacobs (New York, NY) with experience in steel and concrete bridge design and advanced 3D structural analysis. He is experienced in designing bridges for various transportation agencies. He has worked on design-build projects in the United States and abroad, including the California High-Speed Rail Project and the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne, Australia. He obtained his BSCE from the University of Maryland, College Park, and his MSCE from Northwestern University. Seth is excited by opportunities to enhance the quality of our transportation networks.

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Skill & Expertise


#Concrete                #SteelDesign               #FiniteElementAnalysis  

Professional Projects

Webinar : Constructability of Curved Steel Tub Girders

Seth Greenberg explained the reason for using tub girders, the nuances between different model types, and introduced his favorite features of MIDAS Civil for tub girder construction phases. During the presentation Seth showed how analytical models and their results translated into design objectives with the help of construction stage analysis in MIDAS Civil.

Expert Tips : Speed Up Pre-and-Post-Processing of Analysis

Our Midas Civil software is versatile and very compatible with other software and Excel. This feature really useful to help engineers work faster on their project. Our Expert Engineer Seth Greenberg from Jacobs shared his tips to work faster with Midas Civil. 

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