Percy Penafiel


Midas Expert Engineer

Percy Penafiel P.E.

Professional Engineer Specialist at Nevada DOT
(Carson City, NV)


About Percy Penafiel

He has 20+ years of structural engineering experience, primarily in the structural design of highway bridges, pedestrian bridges, and railroad bridges. He is also skilled in drainage structures like culverts and channels, structural supports for highway signs, luminaires, traffic signals, and toll gantries. His experience also includes portal tunnels, soil nail walls, tie-back walls, MSE walls, retaining walls, and sound walls.



Professional Projects

Webinar : Elkhorn Drop Ramp Structure Lessons Learned

Percy Penafiel, P.E. from Nevada Department of Transportation, will be going over the lessons and process of the Elkhorn Drop Ramp Structure. When it comes to complex geometry many engineers struggle while using grillage approach or using plate modeling. 

Expert Q&A : Construction Stage Analysis of Irregular Geometry Structures

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Percy Penafiel from Nevada DOT helped answer the questions from our users about the Construction Stage Analysis of Irregular Geometry Structures. 

Expert Tips : Irregular Bridges

There are times when engineers would have to design and evaluate bridge structures that fall outside of the AASHTO design guideline. Therefore, when do we define a structure as irregular? How is evaluating an irregular bridge different from evaluating a regular bridge? 

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