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Why marketing?


Exchanging knowledge and expertise brings awareness to individuals and organizations. Market yourself and your brand through MIDASoft Expert Network. Build your brand awareness with the right channel that works for you. There will be many opportunities for you to market yourself when you join MIDASoft Expert Network. We will provide you the right platform and connection to help you build your brand. 




What can I expect?


Through MIDASoft Expert Network you can market yourself, your brand and your expertise to other engineers and through MIDASoft channel such as:

  • Webinar
  • Blogs
  • Tutorial
  • Training
  • Technical guide




What are others doing?


With MIDASoft Expert Network you can market yourself, your brand or company to Midas community. We have done a lot of projects with our expert influencers and engineers such as:

  • Technical webinar - Hatem Seliem, SDR Engineering Consultants, Inc. (FL), Yun Lin, Gresham Smith (GA), Jinquan Zhong, STV (CA), Anoosh Shamsabadi, Caltrans (CA)
  • midas Civil AASHTO 2018 QA/QC - Sungki Choi. Jacobs (CO), Vincent Nganga, Jacobs (MO), Suthichai Saelim, HDR (MA)
  • midas Civil Split bridge tutorial - Tim Link, David Evans and Associates, Inc. (OR)
  • midas FX+ and FEA tutorial - Seungwoo Lee, WSP USA (FL)
  • Plate Modeling, irregular Bridge, FEA NX 3D CAD Modeler & Mesh tutorial - Seungwoo Lee, WSP USA (FL)  and Percy Penafiel, NVDOT





What we like the most about the presentation was the various possibilities to execute a design in the program, the user friendly interface (ease of use) and the demonstration of a complete design as per the CAN-CSA S6-14.

Marc Olivier Chamberland     l    Engineer at Tetra Tech (QC)

(On the presentation by expert engineer, Alex Stuart, McIntosh Perry).








midas Civil is the kind of software that you can always discover new functionalities as your progress. Our bridge engineers from Gresham Smith will be happy to answer questions related to your refined bridge analysis models.






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