Luis J. Vila, PhD, PE










Midas Expert Engineer

Luis J.Vila PhD,P.E.,

Structural Engineer at GM2 Associates, Inc.
(Hartford, CT)


About Luis J. Vila

He is a structural engineer at GM2 Associates, Inc (Hartford, CT) with experience in design, modeling, and analysis of various types of bridges, including steel, arch, prestressed concrete, NEXT beams, box culvert, and pipe arch. He also has practical experience in bridge design and load rating, preparation of contract plans, bridge rehabilitation study reports, bridge demolition and erection analysis, design services during construction, among other aspects of bridge engineering. Proficient in various structural analysis software, including MIDAS/civil, AASHTOWare BrR, and CANDE.



Skill & Expertise

Professional Projects

Expert Tips : Insertion Points, And Beam End Release

For structures with stability issues, one way to check which specific link is causing the problem is start with a constrained model and begin relaxing its DOFs gradually. When you are releasing the DOFs and when you are running into stability issues, you would know which link release is causing that instability. 

Expert Tips : Types of Links in MIDAS Civil

This piece of tip talks about different types of links that you can find in midas Civil and their applications. You may be wondering what are the implications of using one type of link compared to another, this tip will answer that for you and help you gain more confidence when choosing the link types. 

Webinar : Load Rating of A Steel Composite Girder Bridge

This presentation focused on the load rating of a 17 span steel composite girder bridge which carries I-95 over Metro North Railroad and local roads in Stamford, CT. midas Civil was used for the live load analysis and load rating primarily due to the complex span configuration/geometry of the bridge. In addition, midas Civil was used to investigate the causes of concrete deck pumping under live load along a diagonal expansion joint.

Webinar : Application of Links in Bridge FE Models

Setting up links for bridge structure analysis is a very important step, yet often times it is implemented without too much consideration to its implication to the overall structural behavior. This webinar will include a discussion on the most commonly used types of links in bridge engineering industry. The webinar speaker, Luis Vila from GM2 Associates, will talk about the appropriate applications of various types of links in midas Civil. He will compare the structural effects resulted from using different insertion point offsets. Validation methods will also be covered. 

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