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Hatem M. Seliem Ph.D,P.E., PMP

Structural/Bridge Engineer Director at WSP (Tallahassee,FL)


About Hatem M. Seliem

Dr. Seliem has 20 years of experience in structural engineering with a special emphasis on the design and behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and bridges. He served as a lead design engineer on several large bridge projects. He managed the design of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete bridges varying from simple slab spans to box concrete bridges. Further, he served as project manager on few large-scale projects to manage and coordinate sub-consultants as well as in-house design teams. He has in-depth knowledge of several national and international design codes including AASHTO, ACI, AISC, PCI, and Eurocode. Dr. Seliem is the recipient of the 2014 “ACI Chester Paul Siess Award for Excellence in Structural Research”.



Skill & Expertise


#Concrete          #FiniteElementAnalysis            #SteelStructures       #ReinforcedConcrete    

  #Modeling                 #NumericalAnalysis             #CAD                #Construction

Professional Projects

Webinar : Best Practices When Considering Post-Tensioned Girder Bridges

Continuous post-tensioned bridges are very efficient structures. By eliminating the need for deck joints, this requires less maintenance, which is a significant saving in the long-term. Precast prestressed concrete (PPC) girder bridges are made continuous by using cast-in-place closure joints combined with continuous draped post-tensioning tendons. 

Webinar : Structural Evaluation of Concrete Slab/T-Beam Bridges

The presentation gave a brief introduction to the bridge load rating and the procedure. It will also cover the structural evaluation of the concrete slab and concrete T-Beam bridge through load testing and refined analysis. Hatem explains how he utilized the various features that midas Civil offers that allow engineers to model everything in one platform including beam modeling, shell modeling, and solid modeling, and soil-structure interaction.

Webinar : Steel Bridges & Precast Concrete U-Girder Bridges : Modeling & Analysis

Modeling and analysis of steel bridges will be presented. The bridges include pony truss bridge, plate girder bridge, and vertical lift span truss bridge. The presentation will demonstrate the modeling and analysis process in Midas Civil, as well as the results. 

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