Liu David



Midas Expert Engineer

David Liu

Freelance Bridge Engineer
(Chicago, IL)


About David Liu

David has over 25 years of experience in structural design and analysis of steel I-girders, steel box girders, steel trusss, prestressed concrete girders, post-tensioned bridges, retaining walls, noise walls, and railroad bridges. I worked on well-known long-span bridges like Lion’s Gate Bridge and Paseo Bridge. I have written 300 technical papers that were published, presented, accepted, or submitted to ASCE journals, ASCE periodicals, conferences, and seminars. I am a Program Manager and Team Leader for IDOT bridge inspections. I was a bridge department manager and PM for seven years.



Skill & Expertise

#SteelCompositeGirderBridge  #PrestressedCompositeGirderBridge #TrussBridges  #LightRailBridges  #Post-TensionedConcrete #BucklingAnalysis #SSI

Professional Projects

Expert Webinar: Lessons Learned from Bridge Failures in US

This webinar discusses some of the most notable bridge failures in the US, including one of the most recent, 1-95 collapse in 2023. He explained some of the most common reasons for these failures and provided a deep dive into the most common repair methods for different types of bridges. David also touched on the Scour Plan of Action by IL DOT.

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