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Why collaborating?


The right collaboration will help you to achieve your goals. Through MIDAS Expert Network you can get a win-win solution. You can receive technical guidance from our expert influencers and other engineers; and you can also offer your expertise to those who require assistance. This type of collaboration will help you to get business opportunities, form alliance and be the leader of the industry. Let's grow together.




What can I expect?


Through MIDAS Expert Network you will have more opportunity to learn, discuss and exchange ideas by receiving:

  • Expert’s technical guidance on your project directly
  • Direct consultation on your projects
  • A chance to learn from our expert influencers




What are others doing?


With MIDAS Expert Network you can collaborate with other engineers or engineering consultants to work on your project.


Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation seeked QA/QC consultant among MIDASoft Expert Network engineers and was connected them with our expert influencers, Tom Less, Woolpert (OH).




These are few examples of collaboration:



With this added complexity comes the challenge of keeping up on the latest software and developing understanding of very specific and specialized analysis methods and design criteria.  For many, the discussion of these topics have been limited to personal networks, review of academic literature, and the use of online forums.  The MIDASoft Expert Network provides a great space for collaboration and connecting to the exact expertise that is needed for complex and specialized analysis in addition to introductory training and guidance.  More than ever, this service is important to get the right information in the hands of engineers and ensure accurate and appropriate applications of analysis methods and codes.


Tom Less PE, SE, ENV SP l Sr Associate at Woolpert (OH)


Siefert Associate did a consultation regarding the software for detailed and flexible construction staged analysis as well as curved steel bridge modeling and design check with our expert influencer Tom Less from Woolpert (OH)  and Jose Calisto da Silva from Biggs Cardosa Associates (CA).






Siefert Associates is in pursuit of a higher level bridge engineering software and midas Civil quickly became a top contender. In addition to the software's impressive graphics and modeling capabilities, the MIDASoft team and the Expert Network are second to none. I requested a demonstration and within days an online meeting was arranged that included a midas Civil overview and a presentation by Tom Less of the Expert Network. The information that Tom presented was relevant to our projects at Siefert and it was clear that the MIDASoft team had chosen a great pairing. I also received unsolicited feedback from Jose Calisto da Silva of the Expert Network regarding one of our other software contenders. It's clear that the MIDASoft community believes in their products and each other.


Andrew Ritter, PE Vice President at Siefert Associates 


Carl Duan from Caltrans did a consultation about the seismic design guidelines and policies for underground structures with our expert influencer Haze Rodgers from Langan Engineering & Environmental Services (Sacramento, CA)





I am working on establishing the seismic design guidelines and policies for underground structures such as culverts, tunnels, and wildlife path tunnels. I am trying to use MIDASoft  Geotechnical software to conduct analysis. The goal is to conduct tunnel analysis in the simple geotechnical environment with seismic conditions. MIDASoft helped me get connected with one of the MIDASoft Experts, Haze from Langan Services with 5 years of experience in midas GTS NX software. Through an 1-hour web session, I was able to gain thorough overview of seismic analysis of underground structures and get answers to my questions.


Carl M. Duan  l  Specialist of Underground Structures at The California Department of Transportation






We discussed the use of the section stiffness scale factor and its use in considering creep effects as well as some things concerning load rating results. I found this expert interaction extremely helpful. I'll go so far as to say this was the most helpful interaction with any technical support or expert assistance I have ever received with respect to any software provider. He answered all my questions and more providing additional tips, caveats, and further advise. This assistance is unmatched by anything I have experienced in my 10 years in the Structural Engineering industry.


Joshua Turley, P.E   l   Structures Design Engineer II at Florida Department of Transportation







When I reached out to the MIDAS Expert Network, I was not sure what response I would get. I was pleasantly surprised, however, shortly after submitting my inquiry, when Angela Kim, Client Relations Manager, reached out to identify my technical needs and directed my student and me to a few experts based on what we were trying to do.  As new users of MIDAS, the student needed to understand a few critical steps for the model development when verifying stresses computed on our 1-span bridge with composite girders.  Based on 1 email sent where Angela connected us to several expert influencers, I was provided with quick troubleshooting tips and screenshots that were spot on towards addressing our issues. Not only were we profoundly influenced by experts, but we were provided with customized technical knowledge within 24 hours that could have taken the students weeks to figure out on his own. In addition to the information provided by the MIDAS technical support team from a ticket we submitted, we now had 2 new insights to verify our model and have confidence in the modeling efforts based on what we were expecting from basic principles of engineering mechanics. Having this connection with the experts helped to advance our modeling progress for the research project. Moreover, we are continuing to communicate with the experts, which may lead to other collaborative efforts with structural engineers with vast knowledge and expertise in the field. Thank you, MIDAS experts, especially CY Yong and Daniel Baxter at Michael Baker International and Waleed A. Rashed at Parsons, and Angela, for your help and invaluable information to launch us forward as new users of MIDAS. 


Monique Head, PhD;    l    Associate Professor at University of Delaware






The team at MIDASoft including the MIDAS expert influencer have been outstanding resources for Parametrix as we have been searching for a bridge analysis and design application that will best suit the growth and success of our bridge and structures team. We requested an hour presentation to provide our technical and IT staff an overview of what MIDAS has to offer. The presentation was very informative and well received by the whole team. We especially appreciated the candid perspective and comments from the expert influencer who offered insights that generally are not offered but the software developer. It is very clear that MIDASoft develops their products with the end user in mind.


Matt Deml, PE, SE;   l    Bridge and Structures Practice Lead at Parametrix





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