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Midas Expert Engineer

Benjamin Blasen P.E.

Bridge Engineer & Project Manager at Jacobs
(Corvallis, OR)


About Benjamin Blasen

He is a very experienced engineer with more than ten years of experience. He was a Lead Structural Engineer at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for more than six years. He joined the CH2CM bridge group in 2015 and has worked on bridge engineering, load rating, and project management. He is currently the Structural Engineering & Architectural Group Lead in the Corvallis, OR office.



Skill & Expertise

#StructureEngineering         #CivilEngineering              #BridgeDesign           #FiniteElementAnalysis      #ComplexLoadRating     

Professional Projects

Expert Tips : Time Dependent Material in Time Step Method

When we talk about prestressed concrete, the things that we are mostly concerned about are the compressive strength gain with respect to time, and the prestressing tendon relaxation with respect to time. Figure 1 shows various time-dependent effects for concrete including creep and shrinkage. The factors that affect the creep rate include water/cement ratio, age and strength of the concrete when it is subjected to stress, and ambient temperature and humidity. 

Expert Tips : Query Tools, MCT Command Shell, Frame & Plane Thickness

Midas Civil has so many features that can help you to work efficiently in your project. Our Expert Engineer Benjamin Blasen from Jacobs shared his quick tips in Midas Civil.  The tips/tricks he has found very useful are the Query tools, using the MCT command shell, and turning on the display of frame and plane thicknesses in the Hidden Option Display menu.

Workshop : Time-Dependent Materials For Construction Stage Analysis In MIDAS Civil

In this Midas Workshop Session, our Expert Engineer, Benjamin Blasen from Jacobs shared his knowledge and experience on Time-Dependent Material for Construction Stage Analysis in midas Civil

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