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Expert Tips

Speed Up Pre-and-Post-Processing of Analysis

Our Midas Civil software is versatile and very compatible with other software and Excel. This feature really useful to help engineers work faster on their project. Our Expert Engineer Seth Greenberg from Jacobs shared his tips to work faster with Midas Civil. 

Query Tools, MCT Command Shell, Frame&Plane Thickness

Midas Civil has so many features that can help you to work efficiently in your project. Our Expert Engineer Benjamin Blasen from Jacobs shared his quick tips in Midas Civil.  The tips/tricks he has found very useful are the Query tools, using the MCT command shell, and turning on the display of frame and plane thicknesses in the Hidden Option Display menu.

Nodes and Elements

There are so many ways to help you save your time when you are working on your bridge project. One of the easy tips is renumbering of the nodes and elements.  Our Expert Engineer Tom Less, P.E., a Senior Associate, Team Leader & Bridge/Structural Engineer from Woolpert shared his tips for nodes and elements. 

Complex Bridge

A complex bridge is one of the most common engineering projects nowadays. This category of structures includes movable, cable-stayed, segmental concrete, and other bridges with unusual characteristics. These types of structures will require specialized expertise to design and build. One of our Expert Engineers, Yazeed Abuhassan, a Structural Design Engineer from Bergmann PC, shared his tips about designing a complex bridge.


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