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Workshop :
Time-dependent Material
For Prestressed Concrete Bridge
Construction Staged Analysis

Benjamin Blasen / Bridge Engineer & Project Manager at Jacobs
Friday, December 4, 2020, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST







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Redundancy Analysis of twin steel box girder bridges

Demonstrating redundancy for a dual steel box girder system involves-in-depth structural analysis and may require enhancements to certain structural details.

Seismic Design of Concrete Bridges

There are differences between building a new bridge and widening or replacing an existing bridge. When you build a new bridge, there are more alternative options and fewest constraints. 

Soil Foundation Structure Interaction and Ground Motion Selection

Structural dynamic using the beam-spring model and non-linear time history analysis is currently recognized as one of the most accurate tools for seismic design and analysis of bridge structures.

Best Practices When Considering Post-Tensioned Girder Bridges

Continuous post-tensioned bridges are very efficient structures. By eliminating the need for deck joints, this requires less maintenance, which is a significant saving in the long-term. 

Elkhorn Drop Ramp Structure Lessons Learned

When it comes to complex geometry many engineers struggle while using grillage approach or using plate modeling. That was the issue that some engineers at Nevada DOT  were facing, until Percy was able to use MIDAS Civil and MIDAS FEA to do both approaches easily. 

Load Rating of Curved and Complex Geometry Composite Steel Bridges

Tom Less will expand the knowledge of Two-Dimensional/Grillage Modeling and Three-Dimensional Modeling and show how he sets up the inputs like rating design code, rating parameters, unbraced length, fatigue parameter, etc., for bridge rating design. 

Application of Links in Bridge FE Models

This webinar will include a discussion on the most commonly used types of links in bridge engineering industry. The webinar speaker, Luis Vila from GM2 Associates, will talk about the appropriate applications of various types of links in midas Civil.

Constructability of Curved Steel Tub Girders

Seth Greenberg, P.E. from Jacobs, presented the lesson about Constructability of Curved Steel Tub Girders. Tub girders had the complex geometry which was difficult to fabricate. Engineers determined to use tub girders due to its higher torsional rigidity. Seth Greenberg explained the reason for using tub girders, the nuances between different model types, and introduced his favorite features of MIDAS Civil for tub girder construction phases.

Expert Q&A

Modeling Technique in MIDAS Civil

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Zac Taylor from Kimley-Horn helped answer the questions from our users about the Modeling Technique in Midas Civil. 

Construction Stage Analysis Part I

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Amir Botros from SDR Engineering helped answer the questions from our users about the Construction Stage Analysis. 

Construction Stage Analysis Part II

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Amir Botros from SDR Engineering helped answer the questions from our users about the Construction Stage Analysis.

Pushover Analysis

With more users asking us questions regarding pushover analysis and its applications in midas Civil, we want to share the answers to some of these common questions to our user community. 

Construction Stage Analysis of Irregular Geometry Structures

In this Q&A Live Session, our Expert Engineer, Percy Penafiel from Nevada DOT helped answer the questions from our users about the Construction Stage Analysis of Irregular Geometry Structures.

Plastic Hinges

In this session, Yong Yang, principal structural engineer from Jacobs, will be demonstrating how plastic hinges can be set up quickly by the automatic determination of cross-sectional properties and member material through midas Civil's general section design (GSD) module.  

Irregular Bridges

There are times when engineers would have to design and evaluate bridge structures that fall outside of the AASHTO design guideline. Therefore, when do we define a structure as irregular? How is evaluating an irregular bridge different from evaluating a regular bridge? 


Post-Tensioned Structure Construction Staged Analysis

In this Midas Workshop Session, our Expert Engineer, Daniel Baxter from Michael Baker International shared his project experience about Post-tensioned Structure Construction Staged Analysis. For all North America engineers, you can also join our next Q&A session by signing up here www.midasoft.com/midas-expert-network


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