What Does PennDOT Require:


It's clear that PennDOT is very hands-on with their projects. In order to get the approvals, there are some things you may need to submit:

  • Be qualified to work as an engineering consultant in Pennsylvania.
  • Be qualified to do refined analysis projects.
  • To use software for refined analysis - get approval by submitting in PennDOT bridge verification.











How Can We Help?
You are not alone!


We understand getting qualification isn't what you want to be doing and frankly it's a lot of work. Therefore, we're providing support to those who are interested in receiving their qualifications and approvals:

1) PennDOT bridge verification submission support.

2) Report of MIDAS qualification model and results.

3) Consultation, Training and License Key.



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PennDOT Requirement Results for Approval






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PennDOT Bridge in midas Civil








Do You Want Our Help?


If you're reading this, you must be interested in receiving our support to getting your approval for MIDAS Civil
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