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CAE - Standard
Pre/Post-processor (Fully integrated GUI)
Static Analysis
Modal/Buckling Analysis
General Prestress
Fatigue Analysis
Linear Contact
Composite Materials
CAE - Professional
Precision Modelling and Advanced Analysis Control
Nonlinear Module
  • Nonlinear Material Models
    1. Elasto Plastic
    2. Hyper-elastic
    3. Creep
  • Nonlinear Contact
  • Nonlinear Static Analysis
Thermal Module
  • Heat Transfer
  • Linear Thermal Stress
  • Nonlinear Thermal Stress
Linear Dynamic Module
  • Transient Response Analysis
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Random Analysis
Nonlinear Dynamic Module
  • Nonlinear Implicit Transient
  • Nonlinear Explicit Transient
Optimize Module
  • Topology Optimization
  • Size Optimization
Standard Fluid Flow Module
  • Standard CFD Solver Package
    1. 2D, 3D, Axisymmetric Models: Steady / Transient
    2. Fuly Compressible to Incompressible Flow
    3. Laminar to 14 Turbulence Models
Advanced Fluid Flow Module
  • Advanced CFD Solver Package
    1. Fluid / Solid Coupled Heat Transfer
    2. Moving Mesh, MRF
    3. Species Advection
    4. Free Surface and Multiphase Analysis
CAD Import
  • Parasolid
  • CATIA V5
  • NX (Formerly Unigraphics), Creo (Pro/ENGINEER®), SolidWorks®, Inventor®, STEP, IGES, SolidEdge®
CAE + CFD Professional
Total Analysis Solution (CAE Professional + Fluid Flow Analysis)
CAE-Professional Package
CFD-Professional Package
  • Heat Transfer Module
    1. Temperature / Heat Flow / Heat Generation
    2. Fluid / Solid Heat Transfer
    3. CFD Contacts
  • Moving Mesh Module
    1. Mesh Deformation
    2. Wall Motion
  • Convection Module
    1. Species Concentration
    2. Species Advection Flux
  • Free Surface Module
    1. Free Surface Level
    2. Wave Elevation
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