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November 19, 2018

Why MeshFree


Why did engineers choose MeshFree over other FEM programs? (Slide 1)1. Improvement of Work Efficiency by MeshFree (Slide 2)

2. CAE Paradigm Shift by MeshFree (Slide 3)


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Why did engineers choose MeshFree over other FEM programs?

New Paradigm of CAE, midas MeshFree Freeware

1. Improvement of Work Efficiency

"Reduce hours of 60% & Success rate of 100%"


MeshFree has the latest, efficient and effective numerical analysis algorithm that can simulate using the original 3D CAD model itself.


General FEM Process

Modeling -> Idealization -> Clean-up -> Material properties -> Define & Generate Mesh ->

Define Load & Boundary conditions -> Simulation [Error Issue] -> Result analysis


MeshFree Process

Modeling -> Define Load & Boundary conditions -> Simulation -> Result analys

--> Reduced hours of 60% (Reduced time: max 2 weeks -> 1 hour)

--> Success rate of 100%


2. CAE Paradigm Shift

"Design with Simulation"


Up-Front Simulation is a key driving force behind today's paradigm shift in new-product development. As engineers find and solve problems at the design stage, it will improve competition in overall business.



Speaker :  Hannah Hwang

Category : Mechanical

Software : midas MeshFree

Date : 2018-08-08





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