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 GTS NX es un software de elementos finitos para análisis geotécnico en 2D y 3D que ofrece soluciones efectivas

para resolver todo tipo de problemas. GTS NX es un software equipado para manejar diversas clases de proyectos incluyendo túneles, excavaciones, diseño de presas,

cimentaciones profundas, estabilidad de taludes, análisis de consolidación, análisis dinámico, análisis de filtración, entre muchos otros.

Todas estas capacidades han creado un software muy poderoso con niveles inigualables de precisión y eficiencia.





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Geotechnical Analysis System



Next Generation Framework

GTS NX fully supports the latest 64-bit OS Graphic user interface. The intuitive interface will enable new users to easily integrate the software in their work process

Framework Details


Complex Models Simple Modeling

GTS NX has various advanced modeling functions that will enable you to model even the most complex projects with unmatched levels of ease and precision.

Modeling Details


Solution for All Analysis Types

With GTS NX you will no longer need to rely on several different geotechnical programs to perform various analyses. Instead you will be able to use GTS NX to perform any type of geotechnical analysis application . GTS NX can perform both single and group pile interaction as well as complex tunnel analysis in either 2D or 3D. Linear static analysis, seepage, soil structure interaction, SRM slope stability analysis and a wide range of dynamic analysis applications can be done as well.

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Powerful Post-Processor

Through its advanced graphic processing engine, GTS NX provides a variety of output methods for users to visualize and extract their analysis results. The extensive output options present results in an elegant and comprehensible form.

Post-Processor Details


Customers and projects



Trans-Hudson Express, Station Cavern (34th street)

Two types of analysis were performed based on different 3D model files. To monitor the stability of lining structures and rock bolts, at structural level, the final status of the cavern was modeled and to obtain the general stability and settlements of the soil layers, at geotechnical level, construction sequences of the cavern were modeled.


Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA

Software and Solution

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Performing construction stage analysis to check the settlement in conjunction with performing structural analysis to check the stability of lining structure for a new subway complex


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