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November 15, 2018

Mesh Export&Analysis Comparison for Complex Models between GTS NX and FLAC 3D



The purpose of this webinar was to compare the calculation and results between finite difference (FDM) and finite element methods (FEM) on some project applications.

Key Takeaway Points:

- Meshing process in Flac3D compared with the mesh generation in GTS NX.

-FISH subroutine programmed to export the mesh from GTS NX to Flac3D.

- The results of MIDAS compared with Flac as well as the calculation time.



Presentation Models - FISH Import Codes 


Bridge Pier Fish Import Code download-button-orange
3D Dam Mesh Fish Import Code


Seepage Fish Import Code





Presentation Slides









Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc.

Category : Geotechnical

Software : midas GTS NX

Date : 2018-05-17





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