Case 1) P-y curve import

Typically, the P-Y Curve (nonlinear spring) is used to consider the Soil-Structure Interaction for bridge substructure. This provides the resistance on the lateral direction.

 Case 2) Generate Soil Spring

Based on the soil properties, the nonlinear spring is usually generated automatically.


Results using the initial spring

This results in significant differences in the design forces. This is primarily due to 3 reasons:

1) Underestimated Soil capacity – overestimated design

2) Single Pile Analysis – group pile behavior is not considered

3) Interaction between pile and soil

midas Civilmidas logos-06  GTS NXmidas logos-04

: Model / Analysis Results Import & Export

Because of these reasons, an IMPORT / EXPORT feature with GTS NX was added. This allows for model files and analysis results to be shared between platforms.


 Soil Response, Pile Group Behavior _ Spring update

The reactional forces from midas Civil can be imported onto the surrounding soils in GTS NX. Getting real resistance, deformation curves, pile group behavior and nonlinear springs.

 Updated, final results

The updated springs can be exported back to midas Civil. The final design forces will reflect the new interaction results.