Steel Bridges



+ Structure wizards (Steel                          composite, ILM, Truss, and etc.)

+ Link & Release/Offset type                    boundaries

+ Sectional property calculator


+ Moving load analysis 

+ Buckling analysis

+ Effective width scale factor


+ Steel design

+ Composite design

In midas Civil, the user can consider various design sections of a structure by using the database of the section property of the steel bridge and the Sectional Property Calculator function. Steel bridges have many connections between members. These properties can be considered using midas Civil’s links & release/offset boundaries. After modeling the bridge, structural analysis such as static analysis, buckling analysis, moving load analysis, etc., can be performed using midas Civil. Thereafter, the user can review the appropriateness of the section by using the steel design and composite design functions.


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Sectional Property Calculator

User-defined sections can be created using the Sectional Property Calculator (SPC). *.dxf files can be directly imported, making it easy to create sections. The section property calculations are provided for the input section configuration by generating fully automated optimum meshes. Furthermore, it is possible to create composite sections composed of several materials.

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Effective Width Scale Factor

A scale factor for a moment of inertia (Iyy) about y-axis can be applied to check sectional stresses reflecting an effective width. Scale factors for the distances from the neutral axis to the top and bottom extreme fibers (z_top & z-bot) are also specified. The scale factors are applied only to stress calculations and do not affect the calculations for forces and deflections. For steel composite sections and prestressed concrete sections, additional options that calculate the effective width are provided.

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Composite Design

midas Civil provides two types of design check in Composite Design (Composite Steel Plate Girder Design & Composite General Section Design). By inputting the design variables, longitudinal & transverse stiffeners information, and shear connector information into the Composite Design function, the design can be reviewed for the entire model or for selected sections. The design results can be checked in the detailed report, table, and graphical views.