Suspension Bridges



+ Various elements (Truss, Cable, Beam and etc.)

+ Suspension bridge wizard

+ Section property calculator


+ Beam end release


+ Suspension bridge analysis control

+ Construction analysis control

+ Stage/Step history graph

The structural analysis of a suspension bridge is divided into completed state analysis and construction stage analysis. The completed state analysis is performed by checking the behavior of the completed bridge. The construction stage analysis is performed by checking the structural stability and calculated section forces during erection. midas Civil provides various functions to perform a complete analysis of suspension bridges.


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Suspension Bridge Wizard

The Suspension Bridge Wizard function automatically generates 2D or 3D suspension bridge models while calculating the undeformed lengths of cables and hangers at the same time. Upon finalizing the model, the final undeformed lengths, the geometric shape, and the internal member stresses are calculated using the function in the Suspension Bridge Wizard Control.

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Suspension Bridge Analysis Control

The suspension bridge model needs to be analyzed in order to determine the accurate initial configuration of the global system of a bridge. Two options are provided for the analysis. The Initial Force method determines an initial configuration of a suspension bridge model by updating initial forces. The Optimal Approach method determines an initial configuration of a suspension bridge model by updating design parameters that satisfy the specified constraint condition.

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Construction Stage Analysis Control

The effect of large displacements can't be ignored when calculating forces for the erection of suspension bridges. Nonlinear construction stage analysis is carried out while reflecting the equilibrium element nodal forces calculated in the completed state analysis. Construction Stage Analysis Control provides several options for large displacement analysis, geometry nonlinear, and cable force analysis.