Soil-Structure Interaction



+ Beam element

+ Plate element

Boundaries & Loads

+ Point/Surface spring

+ Integral bridge

+ Inelastic hinge property


+ Export *.mxf file (for FEA/GTS)

+ Import nodal results (for GTS)

+ Export nodal results (for GTS)

In midas Civil, various boundary types are provided so that soil-structure interaction can be applied according to the design condition. It also allows the user to be able to model a structure without having to worry about using beam and plate elements. Depending on the design condition, the stiffness can be used as a simple value, a stiffness matrix, or a p-y curve. Additionally, model files are mutually exchangeable with GTS NX, a geotechnical program of MIDAS IT, and the exact p-y curve applied to the spring support can be calculated.


Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 12.30.43 PM-Dec-11-2023-12-31-41-3275-AM

Point Spring

The user can apply spring stiffness to nodes using the Point Spring function. Linear, compression/tension-only, and multi-linear using user-defined force-displacement curves are used to define the spring stiffness. If the spring stiffness data is available, the user can consider spring supports by entering the stiffness value directly into the 6x6 stiffness matrix using the general spring function.

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 12.30.51 PM-4

Surface Spring

The surface spring function applies spring stiffness per unit area or unit length to selected elements. Spring support can be considered for analysis purposes by providing two methods. A nodal spring method which distributes stiffness to nodes, and a distributed spring method distributes stiffness evenly to elements.

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Interface with GTS NX

In order to derive a more accurate p-y curve of the soil, the user can collaborate with MIDAS IT’s geotechnical program GTS NX. After modeling the structure in midas Civil, the user can import the model into GTS NX. Furthermore, for the accurate Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis, analysis results such as displacement or reaction forces of nodes applied with spring supports can be exported from midas Civil to GTS NX. And the p-y curve of spring supports can be imported from GTS NX to midas Civil.