Other Structures


Step 1

+ Various elements (Truss, Beam, Plate, and Solid) 

+ Various structure wizards

+ Various boundary types

Step 2 

+ Static loads (Various types)

+ Heat of hydration load types

+ Construction stage analysis

Step 3 

+ Structure type

+ Heat of hydration analysis control 

+ General section designer (GSD)

In midas Civil, modeling is possible using various elements. Furthermore, various Static load types and Boundary types are available. Therefore, it is possible to perform structural analysis and modeling not only for bridge structures but also for various other types of structures. For example, 3D solid elements and Heat of Hydration Load types can be used to perform hydration heat analysis of concrete, and structural analysis can be performed by directly modeling the temporary equipment.


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Various Structure Wizards

midas Civil offers a variety of wizards for structures that are frequently modeled by engineers. Through the wizard, users can quickly solve repetitive modeling tasks or define many construction stages. Furthermore, the wizard is provided based on the construction method or the shape of the structure. e.g.)Construction method (ILM Bridge Wizard, FCM Bridge Wizards, MSS Bridge Wizard, and FSM Bridge Wizard), Structure type (Suspension Bridge Wizard, Cable-Stayed Bridge Wizard, RC Slab Bridge Wizard, RC Frame/Box Wizard, Grillage Model Wizard, and Transverse Model Wizard).

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General Section Designer (GSD)

General Section Designer is a tool that calculates the section properties, interaction curves, moment curvatures, and stress distributions of the general shape of sections.

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Heat of Hydration Load & Analysis

The heat of hydration analysis of massive concrete structures can be performed using the solid element and construction stage analysis functions in midas Civil. Furthermore, ambient temperature analysis and stress analysis can be performed using the functions provided.