Construction Stage Analysis


Step 1

+ Time-Dependent materials

+ Groups for structures/boundaries/loads

Step 2

+ Define the construction stage

+ Composite section for construction stage

Step 3

+ Construction stage analysis control data

+ Results along construction stages

midas Civil provides a construction stage analysis function for various construction methods suitable for various bridge types. If the construction stage of the bridge to be designed is complicated, the user can configure the construction stage using the wizard. Time-dependent materials are also provided in various standards to consider in accordance with design standards. For accurate construction stage design, all analysis results are classified by stage and load.


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Time-Dependent Material

In midas Civil, the user can consider time-dependent characteristics of concrete such as Creep, Shrinkage, and Aging. Furthermore, the user can also consider the time-dependent characteristics of steel such as relaxation. All time-dependent characteristics are based on the design code, and user-defined options are also provided to consider various design conditions.

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Define Construction Stage

Constitute the planned construction stage in the Define Construction Stage function. In midas Civil, the construction stage consists of groups of elements, boundaries, and loads that are activated/deactivated in each stage. Each stage can be subdivided into steps, allowing various construction stages to be compromised.

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Construction Stage Analysis Control Data

The Construction Stage Analysis Control provides various options for efficiency improvement. The user can also increase the accuracy of the analysis results by using options related to geometric nonlinearity, time-dependent materials, cables, tendons, and more.