Balanced Cantilever Bridges



+ FCM wizard

+ Prestress loads (Tendon property/Profile/Prestress)

+ Time-dependent materials


+ Construction stage analysis control 

+ Moving load analysis

+ Seismic analysis


+ FCM camber control

+ FCM camber table

+ PSC design

midas Civil provides functions tailored to the modeling, analysis, and design stages of balanced cantilever bridges. Users can freely create bridge element models. midas Civil defines tendon profiles directly for the prestress force. It allows accurate prestress forces to be applied to the structure. Furthermore, the completed model and the construction stage model can be implemented in one model file, considering the influence of time-dependent materials.


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FCM Wizard

The FCM Wizard creates an analytical model by considering the bridge model, loads, and construction stage plans. The FCM Wizard provides a simple and clear input box that allows users to easily create and review bridge models. Furthermore, the FCM Wizard provides two analytical model methods to create balanced cantilever bridges of various shapes.

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FCM Camber Control/Graph View/Table

midas Civil provides FCM Camber Control, FCM Graph View, and Table functions in order to clearly derive the results of the construction stage analysis of balanced cantilever bridges. The amount of camber is shown in tables and graphs throughout the entire construction stage.

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PSC Design

midas Civil provides design optimization according to various design standards including AASHTO, Eurocode, BS code, IRC, and AS code. Structural design (structural analysis to section design) can be quickly performed in one model file. Furthermore, design is performed separately from structural analysis, enabling rapid design optimization.