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Versions Plus Advanced
Unlimited Nodes/Elements
Section Property Calculator for Irregular Sections
Static Analysis
Buckling Analysis
Thermal Stress Analysis
Pushover Analysis
P-Delta Analysis
Moving Load Analysis
Masonry Wall Analysis (Linear/Nonlinear)
Dynamic Analysis
  • Eigen (Lanczos) and Ritz vector Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Time History Analysis
Design (Steel/Concrete & SRC)
  • AISC (LRFD & ASD), CSA S16.1, BS 5950
  • ACI 318, CSA-A23.3, BS 8110
Construction Stage Analysis (Time-Dependent)
  • Creep, Shrinkage & Mod. of Elasticity
  • Tension losses in tendons
  • Column Shortening
  • Construction Stage Wizard
Large Displacement Analysis (Cable Structures)
Post-Tensioning & Prestressing
Boundary Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis
Optional Modules
Meshed Wall & Slab
  • Auto Mesh Generation for 20 Elements in Planar Area
    (Plate, Plane Stress, Plane Strain)
  • Slab & Meshed Wall Design (ACI & Eurocode2
    1. Flexural design (Wood-Armer moment)
    2. Punching shear check
Heat of Hydration Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis based on construction stages
  • Convection, Heat Source, Pipe cooling, etc.
Material Nonlinear Analysis
  • Truss, Plate, Plane stress, Plane strain, Axisymmetric and Solid
  • Tresca, von Mises, Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager
  • Isotropic, kinematic and mixed hardening
Inelastic Time History Analysis
  • Beam element
  • Lumped hinge & Distributed hinge
  • Automatic calculation of yield strength
  • Axial load - biaxial moment interaction
  • Fiber model
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