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User-friendly GUI


Unique Works Tree Menu



Menu System is structured in such a way that maximizes the efficiency of analysis/design tasks, which minimizes the motion of the mouse.

All the functions required for input/output, analysis and design processes can be easily accessed.





Graphic Display

Multiple Model Windows can be displayed. Since Model Windows are independent of each other, different coordinate systems can be assigned to each Model Window for modeling. In addition, since each Model Window receives the data from the same database, the work done in a certain Model Window is reflected in each and every Model Window.   f6a4c6da-c311-4378-a5fb-b73383cf12c2

A model can be represented through various views, namely, wire frame, hidden, shrink, perspective, rendering, blending effect, etc. Dynamic Display simultaneously presents all the model data entries with the corresponding Labels pertaining to nodes, attributes of elements, boundary conditions, loads, etc. Among the display functions, Check & Remove Duplicate Element and Display Free Edge (Face) automatically identify and correct the relevant modeling errors, thereby minimizing potential errors.

Display Option provides the flexibility of choosing colors and sizes of all the Objects displayed on the screen, as desired by the user.


Dynamic views of the model can be generated in real time using the mouse with the use of such functions as Zoom, Pan and Rotate. When Render View is used in conjunction with the dynamic views walk-through effects can be animated, which provides advantages of examining in detail deformations and stresses of even the parts that are difficult to gain access.


A model can be represented in various ways, namely, Wire Frame, Hidden, Shrink, Perspective, Rendering, Blending Effect, etc.  Blending Effect enables the user to adjust the extent of transparency by material types, element types or other attributes. Interior structural elements can be realistically viewed through the exterior elements without eliminating or deactivating such exterior elements in a complex structure.




Easily Manipulate Files and Data

The web-based online manual including context-sensitive help is available as well as local help file. Pressing [F1] Key will open the web-based online manual provided that you are connected to the internet.

Command text input is carried out using the MGT command shell. Entire model data can be defined or generated in text format creating a *.MGT file.   2f146c88-b3d4-442b-ac45-c1cc9643f77d

In order to expedite the modeling task of a complex structure where the geometric configuration is irregular, complicated and large, you can divide the structure into several sub-models and prepare the geometric shape of each sub-model separately. Then, you can combine them into a single model and perform the structural analysis.

midas Gen supports conventional model generation using nodes and elements as well as other means of generating models via data conversion. Data exchange with DXF files of AutoCAD is possible. Moreover, full compatibility is maintained among the group of midas Family Programs: midas Gen, midas FX+, midas FEA, etc. For example, tendon profiles or concrete girders can be exported to midas FEA for detailed analysis.   ec1c3ec2-dbb0-4835-9b22-63a7a0fc084c

Various Material and Section Properties

Section Data Definition

A total of 37 different section shapes including steel-reinforced concrete composite section shapes can be applied to line elements. midas Gen supplies Sectional Properties Calculator, which is used to calculate the section properties of unconventional section shapes.




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