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Complete Analysis Options



Construction Stage Analysis


midas Gen provides Construction Stage Analysis capability, which reflects the time dependent material properties of concrete such as modulus of elasticity, creep and shrinkage.




Floor Vibration Analysis


Serviceability of floor structures can be evaluated by dynamic time history analyses. midas Gen provides a number of time history forcing functions for walking loads for floor vibration, including Baumann, IABSE, AIJ and Allen & Rainer.


Pushover Analysis


Pushover analysis of 3-dimensional frame structures for performance based designs can be done for reinforced concrete, structural steel and steel-concrete composite sections. 

Hinge connections are essential to pushover analysis in order to simulate displacement. Various hinge types for trusses, beams, columns, walls, and springs. Multi-linear hinges and user-defined hinges can be defined as well. 

Hinge displacement control and force control features enable you to model force and displacement incrementally. This makes it possible to calculate the reactions of the structure over the course of several sequential steps. This capability is essential in pushover analysis since displacement due to seismic loading occurs incrementally and must be modeled as such in order to create an accurate simulation. 

The program also checks for key design criteria such as drift limits, deformation, and strength capacity. This function saves you the time and effort of having to check these design limits yourself.









Inelastic Time History Analysis


midas Gen's seismic analysis functionality also includes highly detailed time history analysis for complex, high-end projects. For the seismic design and assessment of a structure, midas Gen offers a wide range of hysteresis hinge models such as kinematic hardening, Takeda, slip, etc. in the inelastic time history analysis. Hysteretic links have multi-axial response which makes them useful for simulating dynamic loading. Thus they are used to model the energy dissipation which occurs during the analysis. A database of time history records is included so that you can use the parameters of prominent earthquakes in your project area for your analysis. Thus, you will not need to look up the records on your own and input they yourself. However, it is also possible to import your own time history records should you ever have the need.








Heat of Hydration Analysis


midas Gen provides Heat of Hydration Analysis capabilities through Heat transfer and Heat stress analyses.

  • Thermo-elastic
  • Maturity
  • Creep & Shrinkage
  • Pipe Cooling

Nonlinear Analysis


midas Gen can handle the nonlinear analysis such as geometric nonlinear and plastic analysis including structural masonry materials. The application of nonlinear analysis includes:

Material Nonlinear Analysis (Von-Mises, Tresca, Mohr-Coulomb & Drucker-Prager)

Structural Masonry Analysis

Analysis for finding Unknown Forces by Optimization





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