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Design Features

Slab and wall design for meshed plate elements as per
Slab design for non-orthogonal reinforcement directions based on the Wood-Armer formula
Smooth moment and shear forces
Automatic generation of Static wind and seismic loads for flexible floors
Detailing for local ductility
Structures to provide the appropriate amount of ductility in the corresponding ductility classes.
Automatic capacity design capability for
beam, column, wall and beam-column joint
EN 1998-1: 2004 (DCM/DCH)
NTC2008 (CD “B”, CD “A”)
Design action effects are calculated in accordance with the capacity design rule. Special provision for ductile primary seismic walls is considered.
Detailing for local ductility is considered.
max/min reinforcement ratio of the tension zone
the spacing of hoops within the critical region
mechanical volumetric ratio of confining hoops with the critical regions
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midas Gen provides automatic design and checking functions for RC frame, shear wall, Steel frame and isolated footing is provided based on the implemented design standards.